“You are an artist? So what do you do?”


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  • (2015) Hangar, centre de producció artistic from march 2015 - 2017.

  • (2014) Nau Côclea, july 2014.

  • (2013) La Bonne, BCN, december 2013.

  • (2013) Blog de Paola Marugán, Internet, january 2013

  • (2012) NauEstruch, Sabadell june to october 2012.

  • (2011) GlogauAIR, Berlín, august 2011.

Artists, programmers, designers, scientists, writers & tech-savvy professionals building outstanding experiences over the internet and the living world.

El texto a mi bola

Representing a skilful community of professionals, the studio builds websites & apps, creates communication strategies over social media and digital channels, produces great motion graphics, participates in data visualization & data engineering projects, inmersive experiences or interactive installations.

Aside from commissioned works, they do research and development, building original projects that produce knowledge, emotion and happiness to those involved.